Hermes belt is every girl ‘s dream

Has a hermes belt replica scarf is every girl ‘s dream, of course , as I am a big fan of Hermes is no exception . Six years ago, a friend travel to France to see photos brought back , it was brilliant bright colors that touch deeply attracted to her neck , just enough to make you look at the long aftertaste . Friends see me with greedy eyes looking piece scarf , they know I like her at first sight this scarf , told me that this is Hermes scarf , French, very, very expensive. Since then, I remember the brand, ” Hermes .” Very persistent obsession began to follow it , as long as there is time on the Internet concern the latest developments Hermes , the following is my years of carefully sorted out all the stories about Hermes scarves , I hope to share with Hermes fans .

Hermes scarf from 1937 the first “Ladies and bus” born into this season , ” The Legend of coral reef fish ” and other series of new innovations , has gone through 160 years of ups and downs , as the French classic brand, Hermes scarves and even consistently fine beauty, impeccable brand purpose, here we come together through time and space , the development process of the common forensic Hermes !

In 1937, inspired by the jockey jacket triggered the first of Hermes (HERMES) scarf was born. Hermes (HERMES) scarf making , bringing together numerous exquisite craft , they are all the Lyon area as a base, from design to production, must go through rigorous seven steps : theme concept to design finalization → pattern depicts · Color analysis and color combination made ​​net → → → polish colored print processing staff income side → → quality inspection and packaging. It is a method to screen printing, each color requires a different network of steel , a scarf to a maximum of 40 colors available , must be absolutely accurate , in order to present a flawless , layered effect. In this way, each with a scarf through the layers of checkpoints, would take 18 months to be born . Meticulous lines, classic and elegant pattern is Hermes (HERMES) ‘s style scarf , a Hermes (HERMES) production of silk , like a worthy collection of works of art are unique and glamorous .

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Hermes Designers shaped flowers woven plaited mane

swinging replica hermes belt a magnifying glass to see the inside of the complicated structure design and exquisite . Different colors vibrant blooming flowers, imported from India chintz late 16th century .

Horseback riding

• Designers shaped flowers woven plaited mane , with cap badge to decorate horses ears, leather reins and Mahler tape, cloth tape chewing the reins and the horse , stirrups on the bottom around …… all of which blend together , connected to each other . Equestrian is a human nature, patience and the magical beauty of Heaven intertwined .

Wind cheers
• Colorful flags, sailors leisurely sipping gluttonous , waking up in the water , the wind in my ears crooned . This is conveyed by this silk towel charm .

• The square is the outcome of a meeting exchanges between artists , communication language , ideas and achievements of its skills . The original intention of this work is to order a 90 cm square of silk as a blank canvas to showcase a work of art is extremely design.

Dreamy clouds
The scarf was inspired by a group of strange cloud shape , painted full of leaves and flowers, the artist took a humorous innocence hand- finished this piece.

The gorgeous slim saddle
• ” gorgeous saddle ” is one of the most famous brand Hermes scarf , since 1956 by Hugo Grygkar design is complete, the design has undergone several updates . This time, the aesthetic version is a challenge full of fashion elements , from a pair of freedom inspired by the current era , smart, skilled exquisite elegance are drawn vividly rendered background .

This fall and winter , bring a variety of selection of featured Hermes accessories .
• ” Soul ” (Psyche) washed silk twill large square scarf • This section invites you to embark on a large exploration Hindu spiritual ascension representing two symbols : ” a ” (yantra) and ” Mandala ” (mandala) Mystery tour. Carefully arranged in a square , circle and triangle , integrate into a huge and dazzling kaleidoscope patterns, bright colors , washed silk twill velvety soft texture makes it even considerably. • Designers : Sophie Koechlin

“J’aime mon carre”
• The scarf will bring you a taste of the magic square dazzling changes . Fashion illustrator Saw the use of rich colors , fun -filled strokes , the square turned into a scarf , beach skirt , belt • • …… wearer can be folded towel ,

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Hermès company headquarters 24 rue du Faubourg SaintHonoré

Country: fake hermes belt Create Age : 1837 when it entered China : 1996 to enter China , in Beijing opened the first Hermes (Hermes) Created By : Thierry Hermès company headquarters : 24 rue du Faubourg SaintHonoré, Paris, France

Brand Status
• 30 various artists on freedom cooperation · • Hermes Hermes currently has 14 products, including leather goods, bags , scarves, men and women clothing line , perfume , watches , etc. , • more than 20 countries and regions, more than 200 stores

• Founded in 1837 • early to manufacture high horse with well-known in Paris, France, and after the launch of luggage, clothing , scarves , perfumes , enamel

1920s, Hermes roadmap also actively expand to handbags, travel bags , gloves , belts, jewelry , notebooks, and watches , ashtrays , scarves and so on.

Hermes (Hermes) scarf :

• Top Material originally as a knight inspired Hermès silk scarves for inspiration , and was launched in 1937. • toning , each party scarf is generally 12-36 species, the highest record of 37 species. • Printing, must undergo bleaching, steaming and drying process , the color will not fall off • hand-sewn

Scarf features
• • • • • • insisted on hand-painted . Only 90 cm2 hand-sewn this kind of specification scarves weight only 75 grams . Over 900 different models of Hermes (Hermes) square scarves available . Each year there are two scarves series come out, each series has 12 different design styles

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